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Our achievements

We started as VEG in 2019 to fill a vacuum left by cuts in Worcester City Council staff. We became WEG in 2020 due to requests to help in other parts of the city. Until 2023 we were run entirely by volunteers. We have a steering group of professional ecologists and knowledgeable naturalists working with us.

Here's a blog about the ten lessons we have learned 


Here is a list of 20 things we've achieved so far: 

1. In collaboration with the city council restored/establish several wildflower hay meadows
2. Many verges now being managed more for wildlife
3. Lobbied the city council to declare a biodiversity emergency
4. Lobbied the city council to buy cut and collect machines
5.Created a 12 mile wildlife corridor around the city - Wild about Worcester Way
6. Made and installed ten benches along the WaWW
7.Held a Wild about Worcester Way exhibition at the Hive
8. Attended several festivals/fetes
9. Made hundreds of wildlife habitat products for birds, bats, invertebrates and mammals
10. Created log piles, stumperies, hibernacula
11. Organised guided walks
12. Advised local groups and residents on how to enhance biodiversity in the city
13. Done pond survey training
14. Coppiced woodland
15. Planted and taken care of large numbers of trees and hedges
16. Rescued/established 4 traditional orchard around the city
17. Regularly published in local news outlets and interviewed on local radio
18. Created and host informative videos on the WEG website
19. Established an informative website
20. Active on social media
21. Created a natural playground

List of organisations the WEG has collaborated or worked with: 

Natural England
Worcestershire County Council
Canal & River Trust
National Trust.webp
Platform Housing.png
Sanctuary Housing.png
Mainstay Group.png

Worcester Orchard Workers

Malvern panalytical.png
worcester community garden.jpeg
Heart of England Forest .jpeg
3-counties orchard project.jpeg
Worcestershire Wild Life Trust .png
West Midlands Butterfly Conservation.jpeg
Worcester Community Trust .png
Onside .png
St Paul's.png
Worcester Cathedral .png
Worcester Churches

Several Worcester City Schools

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