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We rely entirely on our amazing group of volunteers, working with other groups, to make Worcester an even greater place for people and wildlife to flourish.  

How can you help?

We have had around thirty local residents volunteer to do all kinds of practical outdoor and administrative tasks. We need people with many different skills and even just one hour a month can make a big difference. We need volunteers who can:

  • Get outdoors and tackle physical jobs like taking care of traditional orchards or meadows, digging a pond, knocking in posts etc. See below for future volunteer events.

  • Apply for grants

  • Do our public relations and marketing

  • Offer expert advice. Our ecological experts have been invaluable in pointing us in the right direction to make a big difference for the people and wildlife here in our wonderful city of Worcester.

  • Work on our website.

  • Look after the finances

  • Be a trustee/steering committee member

  • Be the membership secretary


Why not join us in making a difference?

Please call us on 07742111239 or leave your information below 

Contact Us

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upcoming volunteer events 


Wednesday 13th December

from 9.30am to 3.30pm

Saturday 16th December from 10am to 12pm

Wednesday 20th December

from 9.30am - 3.30pm

A volunteer event at Perdiswell where we will be planting some fruit trees and taking care of the older ones. 

A volunteer event at Aconbury, New Orchard planting fruit trees. 

Location and task TBC.

Please keep checking back for details.

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