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52 Things You (Yes You) can do for nature

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  1. Have a hedgehog house in your garden
    Make your own hedgehog house

  2. Have a hedgehog feeding station in your garden
    Make your own hedgehog feeding station 

  3. Make access for hedgehogs

  4. Have a pond in your garden

  5. Put up a bird box in your garden
    Make your own bird box

  6. Have a bird feeding station in your garden
    Make your own bird feeding station

  7. Put up a bat box in your garden
    Make your own bat box

  8. Join the Wildlife Trust

  9. Have an bug hotel in your garden
    Make your own bug hotel

  10. Have a hibernaculum in your garden
    Make your own

  11. Volunteer with an environmental group (Hint: Worcester Environmental Groups are always looking for more volunteers)

  12. Attract butterflies to your garden

  13. Plant a tree in your garden

  14. Learn the name of five UK butterflies

  15. Learn the names of five UK birds

  16. Learn the names of five native trees

  17. Learn the name of five native wildflowers

  18. Learn the name of five native bees (solitary and bumble bees)

  19. Don't use pesticides in your garden

  20. Have a compost bin in your garden

  21. Participate in International Biodiversity Day on May 22nd every year

  22. Have a log pile in your garden

  23. Plant a hedge in your garden

  24. Use eco cleaning products. E.g. Ecover

  25. Connect with nature by sitting still in nature

  26. Create a bog garden

  27. Plant native wildflowers in your garden

  28. Plant lots of native pollinator friendly plants and trees

  29. Create a hoverfly lagoon

  30. Grow or buy organic food

  31. Join Buglife

  32. Join Plantlife

  33. Join the Woodland Trust

  34. Support the Blue Campaign

  35. Only buy MSC fish

  36. Plant climbing plants in your garden

  37. Create a bee bank

  38. Leave deadheading until late spring to provide habitat for insects over winter

  39. Don't be too neat - nature is not neat

  40. Have your very own wormery

  41. Create a beetle bank

  42. Feed the night flyers

  43. Walk in awareness. Really look and listen. You will be astonished.

  44. Use peat free compost

  45. Vote for nature friendly policies

  46. Engage with your politicians about increasing biodiversity

  47. Buy Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance labelled products

  48. Talk to your family and friends about the importance of biodiversity

  49. Reduce light pollution in your garden

  50. Read books on nature

  51. Install a wildlife camera in your garden

  52. Put a wildlife footprint tunnel in your garden

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