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It's astonishing how many wildflowers are on the verge in Dugdale Drive and the surrounding hedges. At our last survey in the spring of 2020 we counted over 30 different species and they are still flourishing years later. They might not be as spectacular visually as the displays you see on roundabouts, but they are incredibly biodiverse and offer a vital habitat for our own native species that have evolved to thrive on these wildflowers. This area attracts many native pollinators that in turn will help with biodiversity, including our beleaguered birds, bats, hedgehogs, frogs, newts and many other species that live alongside us. In early August 2020, we are pleased to report that Worcester City Council cut and collected the native wildflowers on the Dugdale Drive verge in Worcester. This regime replicates the way meadows were managed for many generations and should result in the wildflowers flourishing for many years to come. Read more about our first ever wildflower verge project.

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