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...waking up to an uplifting dawn chorus like many of the older generation experienced when they were younger

...your kids lying on their backs in their gardens watching the clouds go by with flocks of swallows, swifts and house martins swooping to catch insects on the wing

Child Reading in the Grass
Image by Vincent van Zalinge songbirds singing their hearts out in the trees around your home or place of work sitting on your garden bench watching with fascination the tadpoles, frogs, newts and damselflies in your wildlife garden pond

Image by Mika Baumeister

...bees emerging from your bug hotel and buzzing around your pollen laden wildflower patch with beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower in the corner of your garden

...hedgehogs and foxes visiting your garden at night

Image by sfgsrh srhghsfh
Image by Clément Falize

...bats flying overhead as the sun sets

...going for a stroll with your family along the canal in the evening, with blossom galore, the sound of crickets chirping along with the flock of cheeky sparrows, fish leaping out of the canal to catch insects that fly in clouds above the surface of the water

Image by Nick Night
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