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It might be a new and unfamiliar idea for many of us but nature is not always neat.


Keeping nature a bit untamed in urban areas can be help us to thrive in a flourishing natural environment. It's not just about how it looks; it's about creating a healthier environment for people and wildlife. When we let nature grow a bit wild, it helps increase biodiversity, which means a better balance of plants and animals.

Having these less neat and tidy spaces in the city can also make us feel more relaxed and happy, once we fully appreciate how good they are for us and wildlife. It's like nature's own stress relief. Plus, these areas can, filter air pollution, help cool down cities during hot spells and manage rainwater to prevent flooding.

And, it's not just practical; it can add character to the city. It breaks up the monotony of concrete, brick and tarmac with splashes of green and can inspire people in different ways

So, allowing nature to be a less neat in cities can be seen as something really positive. It supports the environment, our health, and even our creativity.

Please enjoy.

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