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Battenhall Park 

Battenhall Park is the largest green space in St Peter’s, a multi-use space including woodland, orchards, and a play area, as well as a key transport route for pedestrians and cyclists. The park historically served as a deer park and now features the restored Duck Brook, Battenhall Woods and Duck Brook Community Orchard.

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Orchards are classified as ‘priority habitats’ and are a long-standing feature of the Worcestershire landscape and the city’s heritage. Duck Brook Community Orchard is sustainably managed and facilitates more habitat for wildlife such as ponds, meadows and thick grassland, bramble, and scrub. Such variety in habitat means orchards are often described as ‘mosaic’ habitats - while each habitat is valuable in its own right, combined, the orchard becomes a wildlife haven.

Green spaces are incredibly important to cities, providing physical and mental health benefits for citizens of all ages. Protecting and enhancing existing green spaces, as well as the creation of new spaces both large and small, are essential to increasing wellbeing and biodiversity in Worcester. What would make up your dream green space?

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