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Bromwich Parade

Bromwich Parade follows the River Severn and forms part of Worcester Riverside Park. It features environmental initiatives and wildlife success stories such as the Swan Sanctuary, Diglis Fish Pass, and the Diglis Island sand martin box.

As the longest river in the UK at 220 miles long, the River Severn is a key habitat for UK wildlife. Humans have long depended on rivers for water, food and transport; providing bonds to each other and to nature, yet none of the rivers in the UK have good overall health. Since 1970, there has been an 83% decline in freshwater species globally, partially caused by artificial barriers, such as the weir at Diglis Island. However, Diglis Fish Pass has looked to reverse habitat fragmentation and allow for free movement up and down the River Severn, with 25 species recorded using the pass in 2022!

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There are many issues facing our rivers in the UK, from pollution to flooding, but a healthier future for all is possible. Imagine a future where rivers are clean and bursting with wildlife, an abundance of inland bathing sites in line with the rest of Europe, and frequent flooding and droughts a thing of the past.

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