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Offerton Lane Local Nature Reserve 

Offerton Lane Local Nature Reserve is made up of two wetland areas: reedbed and pond. Reedbeds and ponds were once common throughout the UK but over 40% of England’s reedbeds have been lost since 1945 and 90% of the UK’s wetland habitats have been lost in the last 100 years, threatening 10% of inhabiting species with extinction. They are essential habitats that benefit humans, animals and plants alike. Ponds support two thirds of freshwater species and while reedbeds lack plant diversity, they still support a wide range of wildlife and help clean our water. You can find many birds taking residence here, including the reed warbler, grey heron and buzzard, but you are more likely to hear them than see them!

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Much like the Worcester Canal and River Severn, walking through the nature reserve surrounded by industrial estate is a reminder of the constant interactions between and interconnectedness of humans and nature. While the city has its reputation for concrete, congestion and crowds, we remain dependent on and surrounded by nature - we just need to learn to see it and nurture it. 


Come springtime, you will find bluebells lining the footpaths of Warndon Villages - an ancient woodland indicator - but nature is not always so neat and tidy. Features of nature we often consider ‘messy’, such as deadwood, nettles, and blackberry bushes, are essential habitats and food sources for a variety of species. The Wild About Worcester Way invites you to embrace the wildness!

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